Company Industry Facility Type
3ES Innovation Inc. (dba Aucerna)Internet software and services1st Lien
ABB/Con-cise Optical Group LLCDistribution1st Lien
Accela, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Access CIG, LLCBusiness services2nd Lien
Alera Group, Inc.Insurance1st Lien
AmSpec Group, Inc. (fka AmSpec Services Inc.)Professional services1st Lien
Apex Group Treasury, LLCProfessional services2nd Lien
Apptio, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Aptive Environmental, LLC / Evology LLCProfessional services1st Lien / Equity
Aramsco, Inc.Distribution1st Lien
Ardonagh Midco 3 PLC / Ardonagh Midco 2 PLCInsurance1st Lien / Unsecured
Aruba Investments Holdings LLC (dba Angus Chemical Company)Chemicals2nd Lien
Ascend Buyer, LLC (dba PPC Flexible Packaging)Containers and packaging1st Lien
Associations, Inc.Buildings and real estate1st Lien
Aviation Solutions Midco, LLC (dba STS Aviation)Aerospace and defense1st Lien
AxiomSL Group, Inc.Financial services1st Lien
Balrog Acquisition, Inc. (dba BakeMark)Food and beverage2nd Lien
Bayshore Intermediate #2, L.P. (dba Boomi) / Brooklyn Lender Co-Invest 2, L.P. (dba Boomi)Internet software and services1st Lien / Equity
BCPE Nucleon (DE) SPV, LPInternet software and services1st Lien
BCPE Osprey Buyer, Inc. (dba PartsSource)Healthcare technology1st Lien
BCTO BSI Buyer, Inc. (dba Buildertrend)Internet software and services1st Lien
Black Mountain Sand Eagle Ford LLCOil and gas1st Lien
Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.Financial services2nd Lien
Blend Labs, Inc.Financial services1st Lien / Equity
BP Veraison Buyer, LLC (dba Sun World)Food and beverage1st Lien
Bracket Intermediate Holding Corp.Healthcare technology1st Lien / 2nd Lien
Brightway Holdings, LLC / GrowthCurve Capital Sunrise Co-Invest LP (dba Brightway)Insurance1st Lien / Equity
CD&R Value Building Partners I, L.P. (dba Belron)AutomotiveEquity
Centrify CorporationInternet software and services1st Lien
CIBT Global, Inc.Business services1st Lien / 2nd Lien
CivicPlus, LLCInternet software and services1st Lien
Conair Holdings, LLC / ASP Conair Holdings LPConsumer products2nd Lien / Equity
Confluent Medical Technologies, Inc.Healthcare equipment and services2nd Lien
Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. / Sunshine Software Holdings, Inc. (dba Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.)Human resource support services2nd Lien / Equity
CSC Mkg Topco LLC (dba Medical Knowledge Group) / Maia Aggregator, LPHealthcare equipment and services1st Lien / Equity
Delta TopCo, Inc. (dba Infoblox, Inc.)Internet software and services2nd Lien
Denali BuyerCo, LLC (dba Summit Companies) / Denali Holding LP (dba Summit Companies)Business services1st Lien / Equity
Diagnostic Service Holdings, Inc. (dba Rayus Radiology)Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
Diamondback Acquisition, Inc. (dba Sphera)Business services1st Lien
Dodge Contruction Network Holdings, L.P.Buildings and real estateEquity / Equity
Douglas Products and Packaging Company LLCChemicals1st Lien
EET Buyer, Inc. (dba e-Emphasys)Internet software and services1st Lien
Endries Acquisition, Inc.Distribution1st Lien
Entertainment Benefits Group, LLCBusiness services1st Lien
Evolution BuyerCo, Inc. (dba SIAA) / Evolution Parent, LP (dba SIAA)Insurance1st Lien / Equity
Feradyne Outdoors, LLCConsumer products1st Lien
Forescout Technologies, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Fortis Solutions Group, LLCContainers and packaging1st Lien
Foundation Consumer Brands, LLCConsumer products1st Lien
FR Arsenal Holdings II Corp. (dba Applied-Cleveland Holdings, Inc.)Infrastructure and environmental services1st Lien
Gainsight, Inc.Business services1st Lien
Galls, LLCSpecialty Retail1st Lien
Gaylord Chemical Company, L.L.C.Chemicals1st Lien
Genesis Acquisition Co. (dba Procare Software)Internet software and services1st Lien
Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.Professional services1st Lien
GI Ranger Intermediate, LLC (dba Rectangle Health)Healthcare technology1st Lien
Global Music Rights, LLCAdvertising and media1st Lien
Gloves Buyer, Inc. (dba Protective Industrial Products) / Gloves Holdings, LP (dba Protective Industrial Products)Manufacturing2nd Lien / Equity
GovBrands Intermediate, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Granicus, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Guidehouse Inc.Professional services1st Lien
H&F Opportunities LUX III S.À R.L (dba Checkmarx)Internet software and services1st Lien
Hercules Borrower, LLC (dba The Vincit Group) / Hercules Buyer, LLC (dba The Vincit Group)Business services1st Lien / Unsecured / Equity
H-Food Holdings, LLCFood and beverage2nd Lien / Equity
Hg Genesis 8 Sumoco LimitedFinancial servicesUnsecured
Hg Genesis 9 SumoCo LimitedFinancial servicesUnsecured
Hg Saturn Luchaco LimitedFinancial servicesUnsecured
HGH Purchaser, Inc. (dba Horizon Services)Household products1st Lien
Hometown Food CompanyFood and beverage1st Lien
Hyland Software, Inc.Internet software and services2nd Lien
Ideal Tridon Holdings, Inc.Manufacturing1st Lien
IG Investments Holdings, LLC (dba Insight Global)Human resource support services1st Lien
Individual Foodservice Holdings, LLCDistribution1st Lien
Inovalon Holdings, Inc.Healthcare technology1st Lien / 2nd Lien
Innovation Ventures HoldCo, LLC (dba 5 Hour Energy)Food and beverage1st Lien
Integrity Marketing Acquisition, LLCInsurance1st Lien
Intelerad Medical Systems Incorporated (fka 11849573 Canada Inc.)Healthcare technology1st Lien
Interoperability Bidco, Inc. (dba Lyniate)Healthcare technology1st Lien
IQN Holding Corp. (dba Beeline)Internet software and services1st Lien
KPSKY Acquisition, Inc. (dba BluSky)Business services1st Lien
KS Management Services, L.L.C.Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
Lazer Spot G B Holdings, Inc.Transportation1st Lien
Learning Care Group (US) No. 2 Inc.Education2nd Lien
Lignetics Investment Corp.Consumer products1st Lien
LineStar Integrity Services LLCInfrastructure and environmental services1st Lien
Litera Bidco LLCInternet software and services1st Lien
Lytx, Inc.Transportation1st Lien
Medline Borrower, LPHealthcare equipment and services1st Lien
MessageBird BidCo B.V. / MessageBird Holding B.V.Internet software and services1st Lien / Equity
Metis HoldCo, Inc. (dba Mavis Tire Express Services)AutomotiveEquity
MHE Intermediate Holdings, LLC (dba OnPoint Group)Manufacturing1st Lien
Milan Laser Holdings LLCSpecialty Retail1st Lien
MINDBODY, Inc. / VEPF Torreys Aggregator, LLC (dba MINDBODY, Inc.)Internet software and services1st Lien / Equity
Minerva Holdco, Inc.Healthcare technologyEquity
Ministry Brands Holdings, LLCInternet software and services1st Lien
Motus Group, LLCTransportation2nd Lien
Muine Gall, LLCFinancial services1st Lien
National Dentex Labs LLC (fka Barracuda Dental LLC)Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
Natural Partners, LLCHealthcare providers and services1st Lien
Nelipak Holding CompanyHealthcare equipment and services1st Lien / 2nd Lien
Nellson Nutraceutical, LLCFood and beverage1st Lien
NMI Acquisitionco, Inc. (dba Network Merchants)Financial services1st Lien
Norvax, LLC (dba GoHealth)Insurance1st Lien / Equity
Notorious Topco, LLC (dba Beauty Industry Group)Specialty Retail1st Lien
Nutraceutical International CorporationFood and beverage1st Lien
OB Hospitalist Group, Inc. / Ex Vivo Parent Inc. (dba OB Hospitalist) / KOBHG Holdings, L.P. (dba OB Hospitalist)Healthcare providers and services1st Lien / 1st Lien / Equity
Offen, Inc.Distribution1st Lien
Ole Smoky Distillery, LLCFood and beverage1st Lien
ORCC Senior Loan Fund LLC (fka Sebago Lake LLC)Investment funds and vehiclesEquity
Packaging Coordinators Midco, Inc. / KPCI Holdings, LPHealthcare equipment and services2nd Lien / Equity
Patriot Acquisition TopCo S.A.R.L (dba Corza Health, Inc.) / Patriot Holdings SCSp (dba Corza Health, Inc.)Healthcare equipment and services1st Lien / Equity
Peraton Corp.Aerospace and defense2nd Lien
Peter C. Foy & Associates Insurance Services, LLC (dba PCF Insurance Services) / PCF Midco II, LLC (dba PCF Insurance Services) / PCF Holdco, LLC (dba PCF Insurance Services)Insurance1st Lien / 1st Lien / Equity
PHM Netherlands Midco B.V. (dba Loparex)Manufacturing1st Lien / 2nd Lien
Phoenix Newco, Inc. (dba Parexel)Healthcare providers and services2nd Lien
Pluralsight, LLCEducation1st Lien
Pregis Topco LLCContainers and packaging2nd Lien
Premier Imaging, LLC (dba LucidHealth)Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
Project Power Buyer, LLC (dba PEC-Veriforce)Oil and gas1st Lien
Proofpoint, Inc.Internet software and services2nd Lien
PS Operating Company LLC (fka QC Supply, LLC) / PS Op Holdings LLC (fka QC Supply, LLC)Distribution1st Lien / Equity
QAD, Inc.Internet software and services1st Lien
Quva Pharma, Inc.Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
REALPAGE, INC.Buildings and real estate2nd Lien
Recipe Acquisition Corp. (dba Roland Corporation)Food and beverage2nd Lien
Reef Global Acquisition LLC (fka Cheese Acquisition, LLC)Buildings and real estate1st Lien
Relativity ODA LLCProfessional services1st Lien
Rhea Parent, Inc. / Rhea Acquisition Holdings, LPHealthcare equipment and services1st Lien / Equity
Safety Products/JHC Acquisition Corp. (dba Justrite Safety Group)Manufacturing1st Lien
Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, LLC (fka KSLB Holdings, LLC)Food and beverage1st Lien
Shearer's Foods, LLCFood and beverage2nd Lien
Smarsh Inc.Financial services1st Lien
Sonny's Enterprises LLCManufacturing1st Lien
Space Exploration Technologies Corp.Aerospace and defenseEquity
Swipe Acquisition Corporation (dba PLI) / New PLI Holdings, LLC (dba PLI)Advertising and media1st Lien / Equity
SWK BUYER, Inc. (dba Stonewall Kitchen)Consumer products1st Lien
Tahoe Finco, LLCInternet software and services1st Lien
Tall Tree Foods, Inc.Food and beverage1st Lien
Tamarack Intermediate, L.L.C. (dba Verisk 3E)Infrastructure and environmental services1st Lien
TC Holdings, LLC (dba TrialCard)Healthcare providers and services1st Lien
TEMPO BUYER CORP. (dba Global Claims Services)Insurance1st Lien
The Shade Store, LLCSpecialty Retail1st Lien
THG Acquisition, LLC (dba Hilb)Insurance1st Lien
Thunder Purchaser, Inc. (dba Vector Solutions) / Thunder Topco L.P. (dba Vector Solutions)Internet software and services1st Lien / Equity
Troon Golf, L.L.C.Leisure and entertainment1st Lien
Ultimate Baked Goods Midco, LLCFood and beverage1st Lien
USRP Holdings, Inc. (dba U.S. Retirement and Benefits Partners) / KUSRP Intermediate, Inc. (dba U.S. Retirement and Benefits Partners)Insurance1st Lien / 1st Lien
Valence Surface Technologies LLCAerospace and defense1st Lien
Velocity HoldCo III Inc. (dba VelocityEHS)Chemicals1st Lien
Vermont Aus Pty LtdHealthcare providers and services1st Lien
Walker Edison Furniture Company LLCHousehold products1st Lien
When I Work, Inc. / BCTO WIW Holdings, Inc. (dba When I Work)Internet software and services1st Lien / Equity
Windows EntitiesManufacturingEquity
Wingspire Capital Holdings LLCFinancial servicesEquity
WMC Bidco, Inc. (dba West Monroe)Internet software and servicesEquity
WU Holdco, Inc. (dba Weiman Products, LLC)Consumer products1st Lien
Zenith Energy U.S. Logistics Holdings, LLCOil and gas1st Lien

All data as of 03/31/22. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Holdings are subject to change and there is no assurance any investment remains in ORCC’s portfolio.